The Extraordinary and moving story of Joan of Arc comes vividly to life in this vibrant musical.   

Joan, a 16-year-old girl from a remote French village, hears a message from God and asks for a sign to confirm the great mission she has been given.    She meets with a priest who hives her a very special sword that was left hidden at the church by its founding patron 700 years earlier.   The sword was forged from a meteorite and was used to rally support to repel an invasion from the East.  Joan travel many leagues to meet the heir to the French throne who, so impressed by Joan, gives her his army to lift the siege of Orleans.  So successful is Joan that she goes on to retake a swath of France back from the invading English.  She crown the King in Reims cathedral.   Believing her task is unfinished she persuades the King to let her continue her campaign and capture Paris.  Outside the city walls she chases prostitutes out of her army’s camp with the flat of her sword and it breaks!  Her fortunes change dramatically and she is captured by Burundian’s, betrayed by her King and sold to the English.  She is tried as a witch in a rigged trial and condemned to burn.  After her death the French are so incensed and galvanized by her death that they rise up and throw the English out of France forever.  Set to Set to an engaging selection of musical styles, from charming folk music interludes to classical musical theatre with choral heights this medieval tale emerges both timely and timeless.

Show License Agreement

Joan of Arc a Musical’ © is licensed to academic schools and colleges, church groups and youth groups subject to the terms and conditions listed in the respective licenses below. For School and Colleges the points that must be strictly adhered to include the following five key conditions:

1.          The display of any advertising or publicity materials for the production will be strictly confined to the Licensee’s own premises and within a 5 mile radius. Such materials may not be exhibited or published elsewhere.

2.         The Musical will be performed in accordance with the Vocal Score or Abridged Vocal Score as published. No alterations or interpolations may be made unless prior permission has been sought and written permission granted by the Authors.

3.         The broadcast, televising, or recording of the Musical either wholly or in part whether audio or video, or by any other means, is strictly prohibited; the Licensee undertakes to prevent such recording.

4.            All rights other than those specifically granted herein are strictly reserved to ‘Joan of Arc a Musical’ ©

5.           In the event that the Licensee publishes a programme and/or any advertising materials for internal use, equal credit shall be given to the Composer and Author (Lyrics and Story by Robert Bromley Davis, Music by Mark R Britton) of the Musical on all printed matter relating to the production; the words “A school / church production by arrangement with “Joan of Arc a Musical” should also be included above the title of the Musical.

When you apply for a license you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.


Three versions of the script are available

  1.      A large cast of 50 with an optional choir of 30 (see cast page).  This is ideal for a community production.  
  2.    A cast of 14-16.  This is ideal for a professional cast or school/college  production and has the potential for a larger chorus if required.
  3.      A concert version.  Here the script has been modified to  enable the musical to be performed in a concert setting.

Costume Photos


Our backing tracks are available for the entire musical.

An original cast recording CD is available to enable cast members to learn their songs.

Musical scores will be available soon should you prefer to use a live orchestra.


Act 1.  70 minutes.  Act 2.  60  minutes. 


  1. Poster background  to use with your photograph of Joan of Arc.
  2. Script PDF
  3. DVD of  a show in All Saints church High Wycombe, for reference
  4. Rehearsal CD
  5. Original cast recording CD
  6. CD Backing Tracks
  7. Costume photos (hired from Bristol Costume Service)
  8. Props photos
  9. Directors notes


Joan’s village

The Dauphin’s court

An army camp

Outside Orleans

Reims cathedral

Outside Paris

Joan’s trial

A jail cell

Joan’s execution

The final battle

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