'Joan of Arc a Musical' © is an all new theatrical production which has  delighted audiences for two seasons on stage in November 2010 and, by popular demand, in October 2011.  A concert version has also been performed in a medieval church 

The Story Begins...

In a remote French village in 1428 AD a 16 year old girl hears a message directly from God!  

She is told that she must travel across France to meet the heir to the French throne and tell him she will lead his army to lift the seige of Orlians, defeat the English army and crown him King in the great cathedral at Reims!  

And so begins the most remarkable true story in both French and English history. A story that will end in tragady... and triumph.

With soaring music, authentic medieval costumes and armour, and a cast of tallented actors and singers, Joan of Arc is set to thrill audiences far and wide.  Visit our Photo Album


Story and lyrics  - Robert Bromley Davis.  Producer (Right).  

Music - Mark R Britton.  Director (Left).  

Musical Director - Richard Peters (Centre) 

The original show was a community production staged in the great medieval church of All Saints High Wycombe. With a large cast and choir supported by many volunteers on lighting, sound, costumes, props and publicity over 100 people were directly involved. 

We are now working on a professional production for 2014/15

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